Quality, Environment and Energy efficiency policy

Cedinsa, a company dedicated to the construction and exploitation of infrastructures, carries out its activities based on commitment, corporate responsibility and compliance with the legal requirements that apply to it.

Aware of the importance it represents for society the preservation of the environment and the responsible use of available resources, Cedinsa has developed and implemented, at all levels and services of the company, its Environmental Management System, integrated with the Quality and Energy Efficiency of its services, based on the reference standards UNE-EN ISO 14.001-9.001-50.001.

The significant aspects of Cedinsa concerning to environmental pollution are:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption and forest products (paper)
  • Waste production

Cedinsa is committed to promoting and invigorating the entire organization, the following principles on which the contribution to sustainable development is based, principles that must guide our actions to combine the development of our work in the management of the construction and exploitation of concessions with quality, care for the environment and efficient energy management.

  • Develope and promote a culture in which quality and respect for the environment are part of the basic pillar of the strategic direction of the company involving all staff.
  • Protect and conserve the environment, preventing pollution and promoting the optimization of natural resources, energy saving and the reduction of waste production.
  • Carry out the work of construction and exploitation of concessions, taking the necessary measures to cause the minimum environmental impact and establish management systems for environmental indicators, quality and energy efficiency to control processes and monitor the activities that are carried out in order to achieve the acquired commitments.
  • Direct the fight against climate change through the implementation of processes with lower emissions of greenhouse gases, and by promoting energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energies. Consume resources with criteria of rationality, efficiency and savings.
  • Prevent pollution and protect the natural environment through responsible consumption management. Encourage the reuse of office supplies and properly manage waste generated.
  • Identify the risks and opportunities of our activities, promote innovation and the application of new technologies, as well as the generation of synergies between the different activities of Cedinsa. Support design to improve energy performance.
  • Intensify environmental considerations in the planning of our activities, acquisition of materials and equipment in order to improve the life cycle of products and services. Selection of services, equipment and elaboration of procedures so that they are energy efficient.
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to related to stakeholders in the organization, environmental aspects, and the use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency.
  • Promote knowledge and application of our principles among employees and other stakeholders. Share our experience to promote alternative solutions to those currently consolidated, which contribute to the achievement of a sustainable environment.
  • Consider suppliers and contractors as part of the System, presenting the necessary collaboration as well as demanding special attention to all those activities related to the Management System.
  • Periodically review the Objectives and Milestones, while carrying out the review of the company’s management principles to achieve continuous improvement in quality and customer satisfaction, in energy and environmental performance, minimizing impacts negative effects of the group processes, while enhancing the positive impacts.
  • Train and sensitize staff. Make available to workers all the resources and means necessary and viable to comply with these principles, as well as regular information on the objectives set, promoting the participation of staff for their development and continuous improvement.


This Policy is periodically reviewed by Management to ensure that it is disseminated to all staff and exposed to the public and available to any other interested party who requests it.

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