Aro highway: The main access road to the Costa Brava

2005 the Generalitat awarded Cedinsa the construction and operation of the Aro Axis (C35-C65-C31) that involved an investment of 79.1 million euros. The operating concession of the 27 km between Maçanet de la Selva and Platja d’Aro is for a term of 33 years. The section between Vidreres and Llagostera was split into two separate dual carriageways due to the increase in traffic in recent years.

79,1 million euros

Initial investment

11,0 million euros

Own capital

23,4 million euros

Generalitat contribution

44,7 million euros

Bank financing

Works Executed

The Maçanet-Platja d’Aro concession consists of 27 km. of highway. Two sections of this route – between Maçanet and Platja d’Aro and between Llagostera and Platja d’Aro – were already four-lane carriageways and here Cedinsa upgraded the paving, expanded the third weave lane and adapted the signalling and beaconing. The section from Vidreres to Llagostera, however, consisted of a single lane in each direction and was widened to obtain two lanes in each direction with separate carriageways, eliminating level crossings and executing new accesses.

16 km

of widening the existing road to a dual carriageway

12 km

starting from scratch (Maçanet- Vidreres and Llagostera - Platja d'Aro)




underpasses and 3 overpasses


drainage works

Infrastructure in service

This is a pioneering work in the Girona region that has significantly improved road connections in the area with the consequent economic impact and well-being that it entails for inhabitants of the hinterland of Girona.

27 km

of highway






retaining walls

Outstanding works

  • This is a pioneering work in the Girona region due to the use of 700,000m³ of mica sand borrow material.
  • Management of restoration of an unauthorised landfill with asbestos residues that involved a protocol for removal of waste with big-bags to the Castellolí landfill.

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