Engaged in the fight against Covid-19

Cedinsa has taken special measures to protect workers and users of its infrastructures since the first effects of the Covid-19 pandemic appeared in Catalonia. All decisions have been made with the aim of minimizing close personal contact and ensure protection to each worker who must necessarily comply with the essential services in their physical workplace.

First, all resources and facilities required have been provided to our workers to encourage working from home, in those workplaces where possible. This has led to schedule adjustments to improve the balance of work and family life, due to the special circumstances confinement entails.

Maximum safety protocols have also been established for maintenance personnel, in accordance with the recommendations of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In this sense, all staff are equipped with personal protective equipment and each shift is a complete disinfection of vehicles and common areas.

Restrictive measures have also been taken in the control room of our roads in the Center of Puig-reig. Minimum physical distance among people needed to operate the control room has been increased and access to third parties has been prohibited. Additionally, at the end of each shift, the room is completely disinfected.

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