The company

Cedinsa is the leading investment and infrastructure management company in Catalonia, specifically in shadow toll concession systems, and second in total length of managed highway.

Cedinsa is the company responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the state-of-the-art highway system of central Catalonia: the Llobregat (C16 Sant Fruitós de Bages – Berga), Ter (C17 Centelles- Ripoll), Aro (Maçanet- Platja d’Aro) and Transversal (C25 Cervera- Caldes de Malavella) corridors.

Cedinsa has the technical capacity to manage public and private projects in the general interest in Spain.

The founding partners of Cedinsa were four companies (FCC, Copcisa, Copisa and Comsa) that joined forces in late 2003 to take part in a temporary consortium to bid for the doubling of the Llobregat axis, a contract that they finally won. Thus, Cedinsa Eje del Llobregat came into being. From the beginning the partners considered the idea of extending the founding agreement and transforming the consortium into a business group specialising in public-private partnerships for the construction and management of mobility infrastructures.

The idea prospered, and Cedinsa has been awarded three more concessions to date: The Aro axis, the Ter axis and the Transversal axis. The construction and operation of these highways consolidates the company in the market and enables it to face new challenges.

During March 2021, the process of acquisition of Cedinsa by Vauban Insfrastructure Partners was successfully completed. In this way, Vauban, which already participated in Cedinsa through Mircom – with 80% of the capital – and Copisa Concesiones – with 90% of the capital – will become the majority shareholder of our company.

Cedinsa in figures

Own capital

Llobregat axis

Oct 2003

39 km

279 M€

34,7 M€

Aro axis

Oct 2005

27 km

79 M€

11,0 M€

Ter axis

Jun 2006

48 km

285 M€

60,2 M€

Transversal axis

Jun 2007

152 km

778 M€

100 M€

Cedinsa Conservació

Cedinsa Conservació (Ceconsa) was estrablished at the end of 2010 to respond  the specific requirements for maintenance and  assets  management of the concessions.

The company it’s provided with the staff, facilities and addequate means to complete everything that the exploitation of a road infrastructure requires.

Ceconsa comprises three maintenance centers, in Gurb, Puig Reig and Llagostera,  and a control center in Puig Reig that integrates all the traffic signs and receives all the information generated by the traffic and security control systems implanted in the infrastructures of Cedinsa .

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