Aware of the importance of respect for the environment

Cedinsa is a company engaged in the construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures and which works on the basis of commitment, corporate responsibility and compliance with the currently applicable legal requirements.

Aware of the importance for society of protecting the environment and using the available resources in a responsible manner, Cedinsa has drawn up and implemented its Environmental Management System at all levels and for all services that comprise the Company. This System is integrated with the Quality and Service Energy Efficiency Systems that in turn are based on the benchmark UNE-EN ISO 14.001-9.001-50.001 standards.



Cedinsa is committed to driving the principles set forth in its Quality, the Environment and Energy Efficiency Policy throughout the entire organisation. These principles underpin the contribution to sustainable development and shall guide our actions to conciliate the performance of our work in management of the construction and operation of concessions with quality, protection of the environment and efficient energy management.

Mision - Vision - Values

We are a company that  builds  and  manages road infrastructures.   Our  activity  covers the entire value chain from  financing,  design,  construction,  operation  and  maintenance.



We manage our infrastructures with the purpose of serving  people  and  companies in the  territories in which we are present, contributing to economic, social and environmental development, improving mobility and safety, fostering wealth creation and contributing to sustainable development and  biodiversity.



To be the leading company in the management   of  high-performance  road infrastructures  in Catalonia and to be a reference in  southern  Europe.



Rigor and honesty:  We try to fulfill  our  commitments,  starting by acting in  coherence  and  transparency with the values that define  us.

Excellence,  innovation  and  creativity. We  rely on  our  professionals to overcome challenges    and  take advantage  of opportunities  at the service of corporate   purposes.

Commitment to the  environment.   We share  and  are  committed to  the Sustainable  Development Goals,  widely accepted by   citizens,companies    and  administrations   that  act  in the  territories  in which we are  present.

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